Kerry O'Neill is a Lebanese-American writer and performer from Queens, New York. She's studied at UCB since 2010 and has been in over 1 million shows there. She currently writes for the Maude team Karate Karate. She has written for the upcoming Crackle narrative comedy series "Rob Riggle's Jet Ski Academy," and previously wrote for The UCB Show on Seeso. She also frequently writes and produces her own web content. Check out her original web series, Broken Up, at HelloGiggles said this about Broken Up-- "It’s always inspiring when someone can turn heartbreak and pain into art and comedy." -- that's what Kerry does. Also, check out her short film which she wrote, produced, directed, and stars in. It's called Lost Dogs and it's floating around somewhere on Vimeo. You can find the link, she believes in you. Check out GRIFF HEDGLEY: THE RISE AND FALL OF A DIAMOND GUY, a show written by Kerry that currently has a run at UCB Franklin! It's a helluva good time.

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