Julian is an LA Native who acts, writes, improvises, and podcasts. He got his start when he wrote an "Entourage" spec script as a Sophomore in High School. From 2016-17 he wrote for UCB's Maude Night with his team, Sugar. In February of 2017 he put up his first sketch show at the UCB called, "Julian Vargas Presents: RACISM," written by and starring Julian. He has also performed in countless bit shows & normal shows at the UCBLA theaters. Julian is commercially represented by Reign Agency. Julian was a Writer for the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase. Julian hosts 2 popular Rap/Comedy podcasts: "Talking Raps with Julian Vargas" & "This Week In Tapes," found on Itunes & everywhere else podcasts can be downloaded. He also VERY briefly appeared in the Emmy Award Winning Web Series "Dicks," which he has been informed, is not a Porno. When he has freetime Julian is almost always writing. He's written hundreds of sketches, multiple pilots (3 of which are legible) and multiple Features length Films (your eyes will melt if you try to read any of these). Frfom 2015-2017 , Julian was awarded the UCB Diversity Scholarship. Julian has completed both sketch & improv programs at the UCB and his teachers have included Pam Murphy, Jon Gabrus, Adam McCabe, Tim Neenan, Eric Scott, along with other comedy greats. Julian studied Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University's Film Department, while there he Wrote/Produced/Starred/Edited his own Sketch Comedy TV Show that ran on LMU's TV Network & in the Campus Library on Mute. He was the first Freshman in school history to successfully pitch a show. He's on twitter at: @Iamjulianvargas