Zack is a senior writer at Above Average's sports site, The Kicker. He wrote the web series "Laurie" and "Red Autumn" for IFC, and "Big Thick Ideas" for Above Average. At UCB, Zack writes narrative series for UCB Digital, co-wrote and performs in the sketch show "F*ck Nostalgia", and has written/performed on house sketch and improv teams for six years. Other credits include: contributor, Clickhole; writer for TruTV's Impractical Jokers; finalist, SeriesFest pilot competition; staff writer for the Onion sports show GOOMF; co-writer/co-star of "Good Dads" (a 2013 NY Television Festival sitcom pilot); writer for "Gary Saves the Graveyard" (2014 NYTVF pilot); and author of 50-some other videos (watch some here: His work has been mentioned fleetingly on Tosh, ESPN, Nerdist, Splitsider, and elsewhere. Previously, Zack did comedy at Haverford College and in Washington DC, where he also worked as a print reporter. He foolishly thinks his Cincinnati Reds will be good in a couple years.

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