Zack is head writer at Above Average's sports site, The Kicker. He wrote the web series "Laurie" for IFC, and "Big Thick Ideas" for Above Average. At UCB, Zack co-wrote and performed in the sketch show "F*ck Nostalgia", and has written/performed on house sketch and improv teams for six years. With Natasha Vaynblat, he won a 2017 "Made In NY" fellowship from the WGA East. Other credits include: contributor, Clickhole; writer for TruTV's Impractical Jokers; finalist, SeriesFest pilot competition; staff writer for the Onion sports show GOOMF; co-writer/co-star of "Good Dads", a 2013 NY Television Festival sitcom pilot. (Watch some of his videos here: His work has been mentioned fleetingly on Tosh, ESPN, Nerdist, Splitsider, and elsewhere. Previously, Zack did comedy at Haverford College and in Washington DC, where he also worked as a print reporter. He foolishly thinks his Cincinnati Reds will be good in a couple years.


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