Chris Woods has been playing the violin since the age of four. He's made a name for himself in LA as a violinist playing on TV (American Idol, The Voice, the Grammys) and on albums (Justin Timberlake, Will.I.Am, Usher). He has a music/ comedy/ improv act that Mick Napier (author of Improvise) called "One of the ten best performances I've ever seen." It may have partially been because Chris improvised a song about Mick and his book. People really like it when you put them in a song, unless they have a haunted past or are extremely averse to public scrutiny (or both!). Chris has a super cool wife and wants to have babies. Chris loves UCB and is really excited to be on his first Mess Hall team! Their coach is Nick Mandernach who is super funny and smart and nice. Past shows at UCB include the LA WEEKLY critically acclaimed TRUETH show with Mike Glazer, Chuck Maa and Lisa Laureta, TRUETH TWOETH, UCB ComicCon International with Adam McCabe, A Night Of Atonement with Johnny Svarzbein, and is currently hosting a show "JAM: THE MUSICAL!" where YOU get to improvise scenes and music (Third Thursday of the month, 7pm Inner Sanctum). He also accompanies music improv teams on his violin and is available for weddings. May you find love, joy, happiness and peace of mind in this lifetime.