John exploded from the womb rip-roaring and ready to go. On the day of his emergence as a material being, October 17th 1989, the world acknowledged the presence of a new, unstoppable force by welcoming him with an earthquake so grand that it shook Candlestick Park to its knees and halted the proceedings of The World Series (oddly enough, where his eleventh grade U.S. History teacher Steve Wojciechowski was serving as a relief pitcher for the Oakland Athletics). America now had a new favorite pastime. After raging the hardest out of anyone to ever attend college while studying books and the writing of those books, John traded the lush greenery and majestic lakes of Michigan for the warm sunshine and avocados of California. Upon his arrival in Los Angeles in 2013, when he was still living in South Bay like an idiot (because hey it's all LA , right?), John began his training at Upright Citizens Brigade. He has since had the pleasure and good fortune of studying under Joel Spence, Suzi Barrett, Johnny Meeks, Alex Berg, Alex Fernie, Will Hines, Greg Tuculescu, Toni Charline, Todd Fasen, Ben Rodgers, Mike Still and Will McLaughlin. John writes, acts and improvises. He is delighted and honored to be on the UCB stage with his Mess Hall team The Up and Up! He hosts a show every fourth Friday of the month in the Inner Sanctum where you can get rowdy and perform Harolds. It's called Party Parade. You can also catch him performing around town with his lovely gaggle of indie teams or around the country performing with The UCB TourCo!