Santina Muha is a writer, actress, improviser, storyteller, comic, Jersey girl currently living and performing in Los Angeles. Billy Merritt branded her "NJ Queen, LA Princess" and that's pretty frickin' accurate. She has been studying at UCB since January 2013 & is a proud member of the UCB Diversity Scholarship committee. Currently she is a regular contributor to UCB shows "We're Gross" and "Too Effin' High," She can also be seen performing comedy at various UCB shows, on the internet, and around town. In her first year at UCB Santina wrote & performed her first one woman show, "That Girl in the Wheelchair," of which strangers have been unknowingly giving her material for most of her life (directed by Pam Murphy). She was also a member of the Harold team "Landlord." Santina performed standup in season 2 of the UCB Show for Seeso, recurred as a "Santina the PA" in season 5 of Comedy Bang! Bang!, and has been monologist for Assscat! several times. In 2018 you can see her recurring on the Netflix sitcom "One Day at a Time," as well as in Gus Van Sant's latest "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot" opposite Joaquin Phoenix. If anyone reading this knows Luke Perry please tell him to go to one of her shows* *Update: I know Luke Perry now, but he still hasn't been to any of shows, so please still bring him. Twitter: @santinamuha Instagram: @NJSantina

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