Damian Chadwick is a writer from Northern California. He was a writer for the first five years of Maude Night, with the teams The President, Mixtape 98, Dinner and the legendary Gramps. In his estimation, he’s spent at least 8.5 hundred dollars on props. He directed Maude teams Neighbor Boy, Estevez and Goodbye Handsome, and has taught many of the writers you see on Maude Night right now. He’s written for Sketch Cram, John Milhiser’s Comedy Shorts podcast, the Atlantic Theater Company, and Funny or Die, along with numerous bit shows and sketch videos (or “skit vids” to use the current lingo) (this is not current lingo). He’s currently writing Moon Valley, a 30-minute pilot about a supernatural town in Northern California, appearing on a screen near you soon; and consulting with Andrea Jones-Rooy’s show Political Circus. He’s performed improv with (among others) The Improvised Philip K. Dick and indie team Sherpa, where he got to play a sea hag with the original sea hag, Aubrey Plaza. You can monitor his emotional well-being on the usual social media websites, but be aware there’s a British football promoter in the UK with his same exact name, who rudely declined his Facebook friend request.


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