Alex Firer has written for The Onion, The Onion News Network, The Devastator, Paste Magazine, Splitsider, JukinMedia, Frederator and, for which he also draws. You can see him on his Maude Team, The Audacity, for which he is a writer. His second Devastator zine with Hana Michels "Mom Presents: I Think These Guys Are Hot Stuff" has been named one of Splitsider's top comedy books of 2017 and can be purchased at His video with Adam Bozarth, "Elmo Gets Fired" was written up in The Associated Press amongst other publications. He weights a pretty good amount I think. Just by looking at him, that's my guess. But who am I? Only the humble scribe who writes UCB profile entries. A wisened old man on a mountain up in high Middle Earth. Yes yes, quite.

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