Matt Apodaca has taken several UCB classes since his first in 2012 and is stoked to be on Harold Night with his team DiCaprio. Originally from Downey, California, Matt started doing improv when he was 15 with the ComedySportz High School League. In college he joined one of the OC's longest running improv teams, Cherry Spitz Comedy from 2009 - 2014. Prior to Harold Night he was on Mess Hall with the team Cool Jerk. Previously, he has co-hosted The Exorcism of UCB Sunset also hosted his own music themed talk show called I Love Talk and Roll. Currently he hosts Inside the Improvisors Studio with his indie team and improv family Garbage and also co-hosts The WSS Mixer. Both are monthly shows in the UCB Inner Sanctum. Matt would like to remind his family that he has a bachelor's degree in English Creative Writing with a minor in Communications from Cal State Long Beach.

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