Dennis Curlett is a writer, actor, performer based in Los Angeles. Originally from the mean streets of Chichester, Pennsylvania, Dennis has been studying improv and sketch at UCB since 2012. A member of the 1st generation UCB Mess Hall team Watson, Dennis currently hosts shows with his indie improv families Secrets and Funk Shuffle. (Fuck you Thrashtown, Peter Gabriels 1986 Hit Single, Sledgehammer, Mom Mentality, Swoon, NYE Pregame, Clusterfuck and Purdle) Dennis is excited to play with his new Harold Team KNUCKLEPUCK! With so many talented teammates Dennis doesnt know how he got so lucky but assumes he is still asleep and this is all just a dream. If that is the case then he is embarrassed by how much dream time he has wasted trying to write out a perfectly normal bio... unicorn monkey.

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