Kathryn grew up in the small city of Wyoming, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. After graduating from New York University with a degree in film and television production, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in her first UCB class in hopes of meeting a new friend or two. She has felt at home ever since. Much to her surprise (and her parent's relief), Kathryn has managed to make a sustainable living constructing really silly costumes, props, and puppets for various television shows, online sketches, award shows, and even a Super Bowl commercial. She built the "New Material Seinfeld" puppet for The Pete Holmes Show, as well as the set pieces for HelloDenizen's popular Tiny Hamster video series. Kathryn was a part of the Henson Diversity Puppeteer Training Initiative in 2015. At UCB, Kathryn has made all sorts of weird things for Maude Night, Tournament of Nerds, numerous Spank and sketch shows, as well as UCB Comedy videos and as a member of the former UCB Los Angeles Digital Team/Pantsuit. She is a proud recipient of the UCB Diversity Scholarship, and is thrilled to be part of the Musical Mess Hall team, Bevel! Kathryn is constantly plotting how to get close enough to a sea otter for a cuddle.