Peter Banifaz is an actor, writer, and improviser residing in Los Angeles. He was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated with his family to the U.S. when he was 6. He's been actin a fool ever since! He studied under legendary improvisers Billy Merritt, Ari Voukydis, Sean Conroy, Alex Fernie, Will Hines, Suzi Barrett, Alex Berg, Johnny Meeks and a host of others. He was a member of the Maude Team, "The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club" and is currently on the Harold Team "Knucklepuck". He has been in several national commercials, and guest starring roles in pilots for ABC, CBS, and USA Networks as well guest star roles on the TV shows "Bones", "Mom", Angel From Hell, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. He also has an MBA that he's never used. He loves animals. He.

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