Tessa Skara is an actor, musician, comedian and (in the words of her middle school bully Ashley) a weird bitch. Tessa was named one of Comedy Central's Comics to Watch in 2015 with her sketch group Pop Roulette, whose new spank "Amazing Earth" is currently playing at UCBT Chelsea. Tessa's comedy has been featured at The Public Theater, Joes Pub, Ars Nova, The Annoyance, Every Shitty Bar In Brooklyn, and all participating Walgreens locations. Tessa hosts a monthly queer/feminist comedy show called "Thank Goddess" in which no straight white men are allowed to perform. You can see Tessa in the premiere of HBO's "Crashing," as well as the backs of your eyes as you try to fall asleep after a long day in the feild. Find out the secret to life at www.tessaskara.com and @witchbitchxoxo