Leslie Korein is a writer, director and actor from New York. She lives in Los Angeles and in addition to being a staff writer on the first season of Smosh’s new show, Part Timers, she has directed several music videos and web series including "Extras On The Strip," "Hey Academy, I'm A Woman," and "An Honest Disney Princess Song," produced by CH2. You can see her on The UCB show on Seeso, as a recurring character on the web series Little Horribles, and on an episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend on The CW as "Too Tight Jeans Girl." Leslie recently starred as the titular character in the Upright Citizens Bridage's long-running hit show, Tonya Harding: The Musical. Leslie directs and puppeteers for the bicoastal arts ed company, The Story Pirates, and is a proud member of both SAG and the WGA.