Nick hails from Allentown, Pennsylvania where discovered that he liked making people laugh when he made a video for an 8th grade science class of the Titanic and Hindenburg exploding using his Dad's VHS camera. Nick has written and performed on house sketch teams at iO West, The Pack Theater and produced and wrote for UCB's Revolver. Nick has written and created videos for the UCB Maude Team Judith and his 30-minute sketch show with Zach Fairless "Now Is Tight" received a run at UCB Franklin in 2016. Nick's viral video series "Smash Dad" entailing his Dad reenacting character animations from video games has accumulated millions of views online and has been featured on Kotaku, GQ, Mashable, Huffington Post and tweeted by Nintendo. Nick currently writes for the Maude Team Gorgeous and produces and performs in That New New Sketch Show with Private Street.

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