ERIC is a writer/performer at the UCB Theatre. He's been a member of the UCB NY improv team, Reuben Williams, since 2004, performing in their regular Saturday night shows "As Seen On TV" and "Reuben Williams Attacks!" Since 2003, Eric has also been one of the hosts of CageMatch, the last 5 as TT Billingsworth, the ringside announcer for UCBW. Other UCBT shows include: "Sketch Cram," "So Obsessed," "Beneath Gristedes," "Bored Silly," "UCBW PPVs," "Jackpot!," and "Retraced." Past credits include: writer on the new reboot of CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH on MTV2. Cartoon Network's live-action sketch show "Incredible Crew," staff writer for MTV's daily talk show, "It's On With Alexa Chung," MTV's "Anton & Crapbag, "Fox/4Kids' "Viva Pinata," E! Network's "Starveillance," Nick Cannon/MTV's "Short Circuitz," and Comedy Central's "Window Seat." In 2012, Eric created and developed a live-action sitcom for Nickelodeon. During the summer of 2010, Eric co-wrote the UCB Comedy video sketch "BP Coffee Spill," which went viral and was voted one of the top 5 funniest political comedy videos of 2010 by the Huffington Post.


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