Jeff Solomon grew up in Port Washington which is the last stop on the LIRR so you can fall asleep on the train and not miss your stop. It's great. He's a first-generation American of Transylvanian/Romanian descent and his mother works in a blood bank. Insert vampire joke. Jeff studied actor-ing at Stella Adler, music at Cornell and improv at UCB, under Jordan Klepper, Chelsea Clarke, Ryan Karels, Gavin Speiller and everyone named Hines. In 1849, he co-founded the very long-running sketch group Elephant Larry, which has comedy'd all over the country and created a bunch of stuff for CollegeHumor and Above Average. Jeff has actor'd in Orange Is The New Black, Person Of Interest, Forever, Deadbeat, an off-Broadway play about Nikola Tesla named Tesla, and a fair number of commercials. When Jeff was five, a pelican in the Montreal Zoo reached over the bars of its cage, stuffed Jeff's entire head in its mouth and tried to yank it off.