Mark is a performer/writer originally from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. He earned a B.A. in Theatre from Penn State University. In addition to dozens of UCB performances, Mark is currently a member of the UCBTLA Harold Team Nomi Malone and the Maude team Bombardier! Former member of the UCBTLA Harold team DunkTank. He is also a five-time Cagematch winner with his indie improv/sketch team PRIVATE STREET ( Private Street also holds the winning record at UCBTLA Sketch Showdown with 14 straight wins. With Private Street, Mark has written and performed 4 half-hour sketch shows at UCBTLA as well as an hour-long show at the Comedy Central stage. Mark has appeared in episodes of Pretty Little Liars, Ironside, Mob City and The Last Ship as well as campaigns for Jack in the Box, Honda, Canon and Keystone Light. He also plays Garyx Wormuloid in the Wisecrack series 'Earthling Cinema' on YouTube. He is proud to say that his entire UCB bio is bit-free.

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