JEANNE TAYLOR is an award winning performer, writer and producer. Winning 6 Lead Actress Awards for her short films: The Co-Star & The Co-Star: Master Acting Class. She is very excited to bring you - Craft Service Table: The Musical... A One Woman Show (but Also with One Guy). Co-written and performed with Hal Rudnick, with music by Greg Smith! She can also be seen as Eric Jennifer's HORRIBLE Mom in the Midnight Show Presents! Because too much time alone. Jeanne has written and actually released her webseries: Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck. (Think Miss Marple meets Avenue Q) Mrs. Jellineck, a ventriloquist dummy, and Mrs. Carmody, an Irish lady detective, are the most famous crime solving duo in London. The setting is 1984... The Action is MURDER! (Recently winning best actress, best webseries and best comedy series). Psychology professor and L.M.F.T. by day -- married to Special Effects Make-up Artist, Thom Floutz, by night. Actually, she is married in the day too. Pretty much she is all these things all the time.