Carl Foreman, Jr. is an actor, writer and comedian living in New York City, raised in Baltimore, MD. He missed the memo sent to all the other Baltimore actors and never appeared on The Wire. Carl is a proud member of the UCB Maude Team Absolutely. Previously Carl was a Maude Night member of CHUNK and Charlemagne. Starting in 2010, he has had the pleasure of studying improv under Shannon O'Neill, Ari Voukydis, Ryan Karels, and John Frusciante, and sketch under Melinda Taub, Brandon Bassham and Frank Hejl. Carl has appeared in online sketches for College Humor, Funny or Die, Above Average, MTV: Other, Official Comedy an UCB Comedy. He's done a couple of national commercials and spoke on a network TV show for like five seconds. He is also a graduate of The American Repertory Theatre/Moscow Art Theatre School Institute (IATT) at Harvard University. At The American Repertory Theatre, Carl played Bernard in David Mamet's Romance, which also starred Prez from The Wire, finally fulfilling his Baltimore actor requirements. He has a website called


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