DC based and trained at WIT and the UCB . Faculty member at WIT. Studied with Ari Voukydis, Jon Gabrus, Ben Rodgers, Mike Still, Doug Moe, Sir Shawn Westfall, and Mikael Johnson. He is the founder of CHINESE MENU COMEDY, Guest players and instructors with Chinese Menu include Anthony Atamanuik, Will Hines, Ari Voukydis, Terry Withers, John Timothy, Alan Starzinki, Amey Goerlich, Eddie Dunn, Ryan Karels, Kerry McGuire from the UCB, Kristin Schier and Amie Roe from Philly, Megan Johns from Annoyance, Katie Klein from Second City, Neil Jacobsen and Stephanie Anderson from IO, Mark Ratterman from LA. If you see Pete on TV he is most likely arresting someone because, well, look at him.