Passionate about theater and performance, Poupak went through classical training with a degree in Theater Arts and Performance from the American University of Paris, where she produced and directed several musicals. When in France, she was also one of the producers and the head writer for a morning live news show. Trained in Improv and Sketch at various schools around New York, Poupak has been lucky enough to be under the (BEWARE: FANCY WORD) tutelage of amazing teachers and coaches from New York and Chicago. She has a tendency to mix up names ending with or simply containing the letters I or E or F just because "these are all foreign names to me" she claims; and she readily speaks in other languages when she's put on the spot, on stage or in life. She is one half of the indie duo Pou & Nic, and 1/8th of the musical improv indie team PANTS! She is also the social media coordinator for UCB's diversity initiative and runs the UCB Difference Blog. She finds it weird to write about herself in the third person. She is proud to be co-producing and co-hosting The Soul Glo project.