Meg Favreau is a comedy writer, old book enthusiast, performer, and artist who grew up in New Hampshire. Meg trained at UCBNY and UCBLA and wrote on the Maude team Glendale. In the world beyond UCB, Meg has written sketch comedy for The Fine Brothers, Collab, FRED, and Gamervision; and she taught sketch writing at The Nerdist School. Meg also wrote and performed for three years on the iO West team DJ Faucet (San Francisco Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, Comedy Central Stage), spent six years as part of the absurd and dark Philadelphia sketch duo Meg & Rob. Meg's humor writing and essays have appeared on sites including McSweeney's, Someecards (where she also served as an editor), The Huffington Post, The Big Jewel, Table Matters, and The Smart Set; and she wrote the humorous cookbook Little Old Lady Recipes: Comfort Food and Kitchen Table Wisdom. In her free time, Meg builds contraptions like motorized top hats and curates the blog Some Old Jokes, where she posts jokes pre-1950s joke books. If you would like to hear a poop joke from 1703, Meg is your gal.