Kat is having the time of her Goddamned life with Maude Sketch Team Bombardier. She recently worked on New Girl, Rob Heubel and Paul Scheer's 'Drive Share', Brooklyn 99, The Pete Holmes Show, Cartoon Network, The UCB Show, some national commercials and all-in-one-shot indie film 'The Wedding Party.' She co-wrote a pilot/feature inspired by Lilith Fair called 'CLAM JAM' with Jessica Ross and Jessica Seay-Klatt that we are STILL SHOPPING AROUND, GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT GUYS! She shoots sketches with her soul sisters under the pseudonym 'DudeTakeDude,' with some featured on the homepage of Funny or Die. www.funnyordie.com/dudetakedude She still improvs with fellow Northwestern Alums and company. Yeee Wildcats.

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