Hi. I'm Riley Soloner. At the end of this short bio, I'm going to ask you to visit my YouTube Page. Riley is a writer and performer at UCB. He improvised with the Harold teams Mr. Crime, GoodGirl, Rocks, and Smalls. Riley is the senior referee at UCBW Cage Match every Thursday at UCB. Riley is Vacation Jason, the World's Number 1 Vacation Expert, a frequent contributor to The Chris Gethard Show, the writer and star of the stage show Vacation Jason's Island Flavors, and the creator of the tropical hip hop mixtape Coconut Berry Lemon Tree. Riley was recently anointed to the position of High Chief Master of the Temple of the Milk Spirit, a spiritual collective that seeks enlightenment through the guidance hidden within dairy products. Riley can be seen in videos for Above Average, HarperCollins, Comedy Central, UCBcomedy.com, and in TV commercials for MTV, Boost Mobile, and Miracle Whip. Please visit my YouTube page: http://youtube.com/robotriley

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