Spawned in the patchouli-filled mountains of British Columbia, Canada, Thomas "Greasy Palms" Middleditch made his way to the land of the free first by way of Chicago, where he studied and worked at iO (formerly Improv Olympic) and The Second City.  He performed with groups like Bullet Lounge, Baby Wants Candy, and was a founding member of The Improvised Shakespeare Co.  He then went to NYC and mixed it up with UCB's The Law Firm, Diamond Lion, and Gravid Water --  the latter two also having runs currently at UCB Los Angeles.  He also frequently sits in with Death By Roo Roo, and you can see him in the illusive Snowpants show.
Also look for him in The Campaign, Fun Size, indie rom-com Splinterheads, Being Flynn, and the upcoming Search Party and HBO series Silicon Valley.  There's also this really cool website called IMDB that you should check out because it has the full list of credits and something called a "star meter" which lets you track someone's meteoric fall into total obscurity!


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