Evan Altshuler is a television producer, comedy person, singer-songwriter, and obvious Jew. He is currently a writer/producer on Night Late at the Upright Citizens Brigade, where he is also a veteran digital video producer. He most recently appeared as the actor, Kelsey Grammer in the UCB show HINT! A Murder Mystery (2016-2017), and before that in 12 Advanced Study Performance classes, He Said / She Said, The Dead Dads Club, Matt & Betsy do music and many more shows. He is also a performer in the monthly comedy shows Boogiemanja, with his sketch team Horse Club, and the NY Times critic's pick, Live Dubbed Sitcoms which he also produces. He has been featured in IFC's Musical Comedy Hall of Fame special, digital videos for CollegeHumor and MTV, The Gayle King Show, and is a regular in-studio panelist on Huffpost Live. As a musician, Evan has performed across the United States, both headlining and supporting artists like Ari Hest, Matt Nathanson, and proudly, The Dave Matthews Tribute Band. Behind the scenes, he has produced pilots and series for NBC, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Tru-TV, MTV, and all over the place alongside the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Bobby Flay and Jimmy Fallon. Additionally, his stage show 'The World Record Appreciation Society' was named 'Best Oddball Night 2009' in New York Magazine and was featured in The New Yorker, New York Times and more. He's made of diet coke.

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