Shukri R. Abdi is an LA-based TV producer, writer, and performer from Potomac, Maryland. Upon graduating from Wellesley College, Shukri moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, where she spent a couple years teaching and modeling. According to nobody but Shukri, she is still a local celebrity in Guadalajara, mainly known for demanding a meat quesadilla before a lingerie runway show. After returning to the U.S., Shukri started a successful career as a TV producer of several game shows she is not being paid to advertise here. After burning out on unscripted television, Shukri studied Chinese, French, and golf until deciding to sink her savings into comedy classes. A graduate of the UCB and iO West improv and writing programs, Shukri can be seen performing musical improv with UCB house teams Baby Wants Candy and The Pickup, and can also be seen performing sketch on UCB's Maude Night with The Audacity. In 2017, Shukri merged her background in producing with her passion for comedy as Supervising Producer/Head of Content for the comedic game show, Black Card Revoked (BET). Still want more Shukri? Noice. She’s a frequent creator for WhoHaha, a digital platform for funny women, so check her out there, or here:

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