John is a writer, actor, stand up, and guy from New York. He is super excited to be writing and performing for the Maude team Cha-Cha. Former UCB credits include writing for the Maude teams Goodbye Handsome and Estevez, and performing in That's Bullshit and Characters Welcome. You can check out his other sketch stylings, both live and video, with his group VDO BROS. You can also catch him doing stand up, which he has performed at New York Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, the UCB Theatre (East and West side!), the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and various other clubs and bars around NYC. He has also appeared in videos for MTV, College Humor, CH2, Toca Boca and more. He can beat anybody in "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" because he once got to stand right next to Kevin as an extra on The Following.

Upcoming Performances