John is a writer, actor, stand up, and guy from New York, and can currently be seen performing on Maude Night with his team Lake Fire, as well as hosting Indie Cage Match every week with his beloved improv team "Brief Dragon" and the sketch comedy open mic "Liquid Courage" monthly. Former UCBTNY & UCBTLA credits include the Maude teams Goodbye Handsome, Estevez, and Cha-Cha as well as Characters Welcome and the sketch shows "That's Bullshit!", "Branded Content Will Set You Free", and "The Scumbags of '77" (which he also co-wrote). He has been featured at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Austin Sketch Fest, the Annoyance Theatre (NYC and Chicago), and has appeared in videos for MTV, College Humor, CH2, Toca Boca and more. He can beat anybody in "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" because he once got to stand right next to Kevin as an extra on The Following.

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