Matt J. Weir is a Harrisburg, PA native who now writes and performs comedy in NYC. He has written for the The Super Late Morning Show with the Lucas Bros (CC Studios), writes and performs in the upcoming prank series Bugged Out (MTV International), and directed, produced, and acted in an upcoming indie action-comedy Blast. Matt has studied improv and sketch comedy at the UCB, Magnet, and Annoyance Theaters in NYC. Matt has written and performed in over two dozen sketch shows and specials in his comedy duo "We're Matt Weir". Alongside unrelated fellow Matt B. Weir, they performed all over New York City, Chicago Sketchfest, and even at 9:30 a.m. with the live shows œMorning Party 1 & 2. He has also performed improv in Magnet Theater groups "The Music Industry", and "the Friday Night Sh*w", as well as Magnet Tour Co. Matt also has directed tons of killer sketch and one-person shows. You can catch Matt being some sort of creep in his monthly variety show "Cathouse".


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