Beck Bennett is a person from the north suburbs of chicago, but always says he's from chicago. He does the acting, and writing, and comedy, and more stuff that will be good. The guy came out to Los Angeles to attend acting school at the University of Southern California and got really in touch with his emotions. Upon graduation he formed Good Neighbor with his buds, Kyle, Nick, and Dave and has been filming videos, and performing live all over America. It's DIY, like punk music - check out The Ramones, dude. He recently joined as one of the newest cast members on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

 At UCB he has performed in Good Neighbor's first show, You're Weird, and The Return of Good Neighbor in: Good Neighbor Two: Our first time doing comedy. Other UCB shows include Not Too Shabby, Comedy Death Ray SKETCH, Pep Rally, and Dirtiest Sketch. He has also performed at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, San Francisco SketchFest, and the Out of Bounds festival in Austin, TX. Beck loves touring with Good Neighbor cause its wild and crazy adventures, but then he gets cranky and wants his space and might hulk-out. He calms down eventually.


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