Michael currently performs at UCB once a month with Improvised Seinfeld. He was part of the Maude team Bellevue. Michael has studied improv at UCB under Lennon Parham, Doug Moe, Gavin Speiller and Will Hines. In 2014 Michael was part of Just For Laugh's New Faces Characters. He had a bit part on the HBO show GIRLS and was one of the hosts of SNLine. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in traditional hand-drawn animation. In the spring of 2010 his sketch comedy group BLEAK! made their official UCB debut with their food western, musical cop drama STOMACHTOWN. He is the founding member of the comedy/video production team Captain Hippo (captainhippo.com). Michael likes burritos and has no regard for his health or physical well being.


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