Dru is an actor, writer, improviser and Seattle-native currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He is a head writer for The Chris Gethard Show and also improvises with Grandma's Ashes Saturday nights and writes and acts for the Maude Team Bellevue. You can also see him and Don Fanelli in their two man Billy Joel sketch show Sketches from an Italian Restaurant. A half hour show entirely about how great Billy Joel is, currently running at the theatre. Past teams and shows at UCB include Sandino, Everything Rabbits, Arbuckle, Spoiler Alert: This is a Sketch Show and Conversations with Deb. He is also a featured writer on Funny or Die, a contributor to The Onion News Network, and Maxim.com has named him one of the world's worst Morgan Freeman impressionists. Dru graduated from Whitman College with a degree in theatre. He also took an Astronomy class there and he really loved it. Twitter: https://twitter.com/drujohnston Tumblr: http://drujohnston.tumblr.com/

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