written by Jarrett Grode
Armen Weitzman owns his own rabbit costume. Such is his dedication to a uniquely surreal style of comedy that can only be described as Armenesque, though Armen prefers "karf"esque. 
After dropping out of Emerson (it was only holding him back), Armen headed home to L.A., where he's been working alongside comedy's biggest names ever since. But those stars are wary of being overshadowed by Armen, so they keep him confined to recurring roles on television. Small doses of Armen have brightened The Sarah Silverman Program, Burning Love, and Zach Stone is Going to Be Famous.
On the silver screen, Armen's impressive credits include Ocean's 13 and Role Models, both of which pale in comparison to his development deal with producer Scott Rudin. Ol' Rudy, as he hates to be called, has contracted Armen to write a feature with Parks and Rec writer Harris Wittels. It will be a funny movie about a concert festival and most likely insane.


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