Some Guy: What's your name, what's your sign? Me: Kat Toledo, I have sagittarius cusped with capricorn, scorpio rising. Notorious B.I.G.: Soon as he buy that wine I just creep up from behind. Me: Thanks, good bye, oh hello.. Notorious B.I.G.: And ask what your interests are? Me: I enjoy writing and performing comedy: stand up, sketch, and bits. Notorious B.I.G.: Who you be with? Me: I've opened for Eric André, been on The Chris Gethard Show, and was a cast member on the UCBT NY Maude Team - Charlemagne. I hosted a monthly variety show in NY, called Wild at Heart, and I've improvised with The Weird Ones and Improvisosos Peligrosos (Improv in español).  Notorious B.I.G.: Things to make you smile? Me: Booty bass and Astral projection. Notorious B.I.G.: What numbers to dial? Me: You can just shoot an email to [email protected] Notorious B.I.G.: You gon' be here for a while? Me: Yes, I found a great parking spot.


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