Pod Night Shyamacast - Episode Four - Signs w/ Murf Meyer And Diana Kolsky

This week's guests on the Shyamacast are 'real life lovers' Murf Meyer (The Chris Gethard Show) and Diana Kolsky (Above Average), hosts in their own right of Menage a Trois Radio, also on the UCB Comedy podcast network! And for Blank Check's ongoing investigative mini-series of Shyamalan's films, together with #thetwofriends they discuss 2002's faith biased, alien invasion movie, Signs. Was it fate that it was poorly received? Was Shyamalan smart in casting himself for a role that required some real acting? How does Mel Gibson's filmography hold up to the numerous terrible things he been quoted in public saying? Well, Blankies rejoice because this in-depth analysis leaves no glasses half empty nor half full! Also, Griffin professes his love for Chicken Run numerous times, Diana receives 7 comedy points and Murf recalls a summer of Austin Powers references.

Marriage Movies Love anti-semitism cinema comedy faith HBO Lethal Weapon podcast radio religion Star Wars alien Upright Citizens Brigade menage a trois The Force Awakens M. Night Shyamalan Vinyl the Atlantic Film Nerd Signs Mel Gibson Jodie Foster invasion

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