Pod Night Shyamacast - Episode Two - The Sixth Sense w/ Katey Rich

Joining Griffin and David on this week's episode is special guest Katey Rich (Vanity Fair) to help examine Shyamalan's 1999 breakout, career defining film: The Sixth Sense. How did this unknown writer/director convince Disney to pay him 3 million dollars for the script with the clause to direct? What is the significance of red in the movie? How did this same filmmaker go on to make Lady in the Water? Are there any SIGNS of what is to come!? Together, they discuss ghost logic, actor Toni Collette's amazing performance, munchausen by proxy, the climate in cinema during 1999 and so much more! Plus, the gang nerds out on box office stats, Griffin revisits working with Trevor Moore on 'Butt Whistle' and Producer Ben presents his own original endings.

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