The Podcast Holiday Special w/ Pilot Viruet

In 1978, CBS aired a two-hour Star Wars holiday special. Only a year prior, A New Hope had been released to critical success and with the Empire Strikes Back in production and to be released in a year and half, this was Lucasfilm's opportunity to keep fans engaged with the franchise (and sell some merchandise of course) by developing a science fiction variety special using everyones favorite characters. But it was terrible! So much so, that it has never been re-aired or made available for purchase ever. Nor should it be. Even George hates it, famously saying "If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of the show and smash it." Griffin and David, joined by Pilot Viruet (Flavorwire) discuss this truly insane piece of television history. Together, they examine a storyline involving Chewbacca and Han Solo trying to return to Kasyyyk to celebrate Life Day, a Wookie holiday, Chewbaca's weird family and extended grunting, the first introduction to Boba Fett, bad french circus dancing, 1970's cocaine use and so much more!

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