Congratulations to UCBT performer and teacher 
Margot Leitman (Stripped Stories), who has signed a deal to have her book of stories published with Seal Press. Look for it on your favorite book retailer's shelf in 2013.

From the publisher's description:

Comedian Margot Leitman, a storytelling teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade, puts tall girls into three categories. There's the effervescent model-types, who glide from room to room with grace and elegance, whose clothes drape effortlessly over perfectly-proportioned bodies. There's the athletic and tall, who look hot while running cross country and perfectly coiffed after their three hour volleyball match. And then there's the rest, who are always tripping over their own feet, who never look normal in any sized clothing, and who are constantly screaming "Wo-oah!" as they grab the tablecloth to break their fall. Margot fits into this last category. 

Luckily, she eventually found her way to comedy, and brings to this tale of a girl "forever on the bottom half of a chicken" fight a supreme self-awareness, dry wit, and eye for absurdity that will have us all (both tall and average-sized) laughing in recognition.

Margot Leitman to publish a book of stories

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