This Sunday, Feb. 8th at 9:30PM/8:30C, MTV will launch The CollegeHumor Show, a new comedy written by and starring the people that work at The network's first scripted comedy series since Human Giant, the show will aim for a fresh, fast-paced format that combines sitcom and sketch elements. Overarching storylines will be interspersed with occasional sketches and short films in the style of CollegeHumor's 'CH Originals' and 'Hardly Working' video series.
The UCBT's Dan Gurewitch is a senior writer and actor on the show, in which the CH staff members play fictionalized versions of themselves in their actual Union Square office. The show also features appearances by UCBT regulars Nick Kroll, Curtis Gwinn, Violet Krumbein, Paul W. Downs and Adam Frucci.
The February 8th premiere is the first of six episodes initially ordered by MTV. More information on The CollegeHumor Show can be found at

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