The Paul Downs Syndrome: Live at UCB

The Paul Downs Syndrome is a disease characterized by: seeminglyunrelated or meaningless episodes of multiple personalities, bizarredelusion, and general perversion, suggesting a deranged mind. It ishighly contagious. "With tight writing and celebrity cameos, superb character actorPaul Downs takes the audience through a labyrinth of narcissistic andneurotic personalities...Nothing will stop them from succeeding. Thesame could be said for Downs." - Time Out New York "Like Julia Child doing Don Corleone...flirty and distracted." - Lauren Collins, The New Yorker "Paul Downs is an irresistible performer to watch onstage...soto isolate Downs in his one-man show, "The Paul Downs Syndrome," is toisolate his comedic mind and to display it in full, vibrant color forbetter or worse." - [url=]The Apiary[/url] "So whether you get to see any of this wild and crazy stuff onthe boob tube may be just a matter of when and where...because I have afeeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Paul W. Downs." - [url=]The Comic's Comic[/url] "Downs exhibited endless, contagious energy throughout the show,not to mention superb command of his material. This is no easy feat fora one-man act, but when you are funny and versatile, it’s hard to flop." - [url=]Jester's Journal[/url]

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